Little Plugger

The 2-in-1 garden tool designed to make your life much easier when weeding and planting bulbs in lawns and grassy areas.

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Little Plugger - British made

Bulb planter

Bulb planter and…

Bulb planting in your lawn or grassy areas has never been easier. With the Little Plugger, there is hardly any bending, saving the backache you would normally experience.

Easy to use and quick to operate, this method will save you time and effort and since the same soil goes back into the same hole it came from, you will see little or no obvious disturbance, leaving you an almost seamless planting. For bulbs up to 2 inches (51mm) diameter.

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…Weeder combined

The weeding operation is also easy. Simply remove the offending weed in your lawn by the Little Plugger nethod, then eject the soil plug from the device, turn it upside down and re-insert it into the same hole.

This way the weed is upside down, 4 inches (approx. 102mm) deep and the weed will die. You are now left with a 2 inch (51mm) diameter soil area which will allow the surrounding grass to grow back over it.

No hole left to fill!
No weed to dispose of!
No fuss!

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“Some time ago, I had to plant 3,000 crocus bulbs into my lawn and my engineering background enabled me to come up with the simple, time and energy saving idea of the Little Plugger. It also saved me from the backache that I would have had without it!”

Roy Green Roy Green – Inventor & Founder


Such a time saving device, so simple to operate leaving the grass quite undisturbed after planting. The lawn weeding function is such a bonus, with no weed to dispose of and no hole to fill. I wish I’d had this tool years ago.

Mr. Jamie Sturdevant, Head Gardener and Landscaper, Hampshire

Excellent design, so easy to use. Our lawn will be very colourful in the spring and weed free.

Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead of West Berks