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Little Plugger

The 2-in-1 garden tool designed to make your life much easier when weeding and planting bulbs in lawns and grassy areas.

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This device was designed and developed for the easy planting of bulbs into lawns and grassy areas. It can be used for other types of planting at the gardeners’ discretion. It is recommended in dry weather, that the area to be planted should be thoroughly watered the day before, thus making it easier to push the Little Plugger into the ground.

For planting bulbs up to 2 inch or 51mm diameter.

This device is not suitable for use in very stony ground.

British made British made. This product is made from UK sourced materials and is entirely manufactured in the UK.


Length overall:

925mm approx

Width overall:

266mm approx

Materials used:

All metal construction


Powder coated for durability


2kg approx

See how it works

See how Little Plugger makes light work of bulb planting and weeding in your lawn or grassy areas with hardly any bending, saving backache you might normally experience.


Such a time saving device, so simple to operate leaving the grass quite undisturbed after planting. The lawn weeding function is such a bonus, with no weed to dispose of and no hole to fill. I wish I’d had this tool years ago.

Mr. Jamie Sturdevant, Head Gardener and Landscaper, Hampshire

Excellent design, so easy to use. Our lawn will be very colourful in the spring and weed free.

Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead of West Berks